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81003050 22mm Compression Pressure Reducing Valve With Diaphragm

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Pressure Reducing Valve With Diaphragm
Max inlet working pressure: 16 bar The Biworld PRV is a pressure reducing valve suitable for water up to 70 ℃(80℃ for short periods) and inlet pressures up to 16 bar. The outlets pressure can be adjusted between 1 bar and 6 bar. Typically these valves are used on the incoming water supply pipe to a dwelling to reduce the pressure at the cold taps and provide a more even pressure between hot and cold supply
Setting min. 1.5 max 7 bar
Variation % of the setting changing
The inlet pressure: ± 5%
Max temperature(water): 80℃
pre-setting at factory: 3 bar
Threading For: Waterworks UNIISO 228/1
Connections: Famale/Female
Size: 1/2"
Material: Brass
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