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80401010 15mm Compression Thermostatic Mixing Valve Chrome Plated/Nickel plated

Thermostatic Mixing Valves
In some hot water distribution systems there is a need to protect against scalding caused by hot water such as in hospitals,for example or in homes for children or the elderly or in schools.
The Biworld thermostatic mixing valves,equipped with anti-scald function by automatically shutting off the flow of hot water,or cold water immediately when there is any accidental absence of cold water,or hot water respectively on the inlet side,has been specially designed for these applications.This function comes intooperation automatically when minimum difference between the hot water in and the mixted water out is 10℃.Itcan maintain the temperature of the mixed water constant at the set value regardless variations in the temperature and supply pressure or the flow rate in the system.This performance meets the more rigorous British standards,which are particularly severe whth regards to the risk of scalds.
The Biworld series thermostatics mixing valves are recommended to be installed at the point of use or for a limitation of applications.the Biworld TMVs are manufactured according to the requirement of UK specification NHS D08,standard BS7942:20000

-Body: DZR brass,CW602N,Chrome plated
-Shutter: PPO
-Springs: Stainless steel
-Seals: EPDM
-Knob: ABS
Factory setting: 41℃
Temperature setting range:30-50℃/35-46℃
Temperature tolerance: +2℃
Max working pressure(dynamic) 5Bar
  Max inlet water temperature: 85℃
Max inlet pressure ratio(H/C or C/H) 6:1
Min temperature difference between hot inlet
and mixed outlet water for antiscald function:10℃
Min mixed flow rate: 4L/min
Check valve and filters on hot and cold inlet
Connections:1/2,3/4male thread with tailpiece
15mm and 22mm compression.
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