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15mm Angled TRV White


Thermostatic radiator valves are typically used in households for regulating the water flow to the radiator. The liquid element within the TRV head could automatically and accurately control the opening and closing of the valve to keep the ambient temperature of the room constant at the set value, thus achieving up to 35% energy saving. Frost protection function of the TRV could prevent the pipework from freezing. The quality of Biworld TRVs meets with the European standard EN215. It is recommended for prolonged periods of isolation, when the radiator is removed or ‘dropped’ during decoration, that the TRV head is removed prior to commencing and isolation cap is used in the fully closed position.


Technical Specification


· Maximum working pressure:                           10 bar

· Maximum pressure differential:                         1 bar

· Maximum water temperature:                          100

· Maximum ambient temperature:                        50

· Temperature adjustment:       7to 28